Actress Katherine Waterston
on the Iconic Great Jones Cafe

“There are things you can’t fake. At Great Jones Cafe you feel the history. It’s on the street where Basquiat lived and where Don DeLillo set his novel, Great Jones Street. It’s got an amazing vinyl jukebox. New Yorkers’ apartments are so small, these places become our living rooms. I’ve had remarkable and unremarkable dates at Great Jones, I celebrated here when I got Inherent Vice. Lauren Hutton said she used to live near Great Jones – her doormen were crackheads and they’d rate her outfits: ‘Looking good today, Miss Hutton!’ It was rough, but there was a community. Right now, there’s elitist preservation going on. The city doesn’t understand that the dives have as much value as museums uptown. What I loved about Joaquin in Inherent Vice is that he’s in this rough-and-tumble world but has a kind spirit.
That’s how you feel in Great Jones Cafe.”

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Great Jones Cafe is located at 54 Great Jones St.
between Bowery and Lafayette Street in NoHo.